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Make Recommendations To Other OFW's Today

We are looking for OFW recommendations given to us by Filipinos abroad for other Filipinos abroad to follow. This will provide the the entire worldwide community a link to vital and trusted information used by others who have experienced this information for themselves. With this website you now have the ability to Recommend or Un-recommend any business, website or agency or maybe even recommend each other.

The power this website can give to the community of Filipinos abroad is unheard of and is unique. You will find nothing else like us on the internet. When you are so far away from home you need to be able to depend of each other for support but someone is not always there in front of you to give you that support.

We hope to fill that void and provide information, guidance and yes even warnings to you and others in the community no matter where you are. We depend on your word of mouth to let others know about us, so spread the word to the community. We then will become stronger with the power to affect the local area you are in as we gather more information from you as we come together for our common cause.

Salamat Po

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