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Welcome FW's Ajman and all Filipinos abroad. This is your website to communicate with each other. The informational links provided will come from others in the worldwide community of Filipinos abroad. This means you can trust the information and rely on its dependability because it has been tested and used by your community.

The links below have been provided to you by your fellow OFW's and other Filipinos Abroad. The links have been tested first hand by them and are trusted, reliable and valuable links to help make your life easier. When you are so far from home it is a comforting feeling to know you have someone you can depend on, in this case the entire worldwide community.

Anyone can make a recommendation, just click here Make A Recommendation. You can recommend anything that you think is trusted information you want other Filipinos Abroad in a particular country or city to know about. You can also submit WARNINGS for others as well, or UN-Recommend a link that you may of had a bad experience with or know of others who have. This is one way to contribute to the International OFW community in an effective way giving our community the power when we network together, making us a strong force in keeping each other safe.

If you don't see a category, Country, city  or anything else you think should be here, please please let us know. CONTACT US. Thank you for your recommendations for OFW's located in Ajman.

OFW Ajamn Recommendations

Tindahan Mo, Tindahan Ko

This is a listing of local OFW's on the street selling to make extra money for their family. Please be discrete when approaching and buying from them but use them as often as you can.

Lets support each other.

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